The little mermaid and underwater adventures

🐠🐚🐠The underwater world and the kingdom of Little Ariel – the second topic of a holiday adventure in RMS. We learned what we can meet in the depths of the sea, what friendship means, and the consequences of the decisions made. In addition, we remembered the safety rules when staying by the water. Music from the depths of the ocean as a backdrop to a marine competition! 🧜‍♀️🦀🐙🐡  [...]


⏰📚♟The last day before the holidays and the memories of the farewells of the graduates of RMS Domaniewska and RMS Usypiskowa -> go dear dear! May only good people and great teachers stand in your way! We would like to thank the children and their parents for the last years of fantastic cooperation! ❤️ All those who stay with us for the coming years are invited to a special holiday adventure program at RMS!  [...]