Rational nutrition is particularly important for children. It affects not only their health, well-being, adequate growth and development, but it also shapes tastes and food preferences of our children. Our offer is dedicated to children and parents who pay special attention to the menu. Healthy nourishment is not only about nutritious, tasty meals, but also the everyday development of their culinary tastes and diversity.

RMS cooperates with the Rewelacja catering company, thanks to which we provide a fully professionally composed menu prepared in cooperation with the Nutrition Technologist and Mrs. Dietician, guided by the individual needs of each “Little Customer”.

We create meals for children based on many years of cooperation with suppliers of various goods, the quality and authenticity of origin is checked by us and fully satisfactory:

»We gave up all spices containing harmful monosodium glutamate.

»We pay great attention to the quality of meat and eggs. We only use certified free range eggs and chickens.

»Due to the high content of purines acidifying the body, we gave up cooking soups using meat stock.

»Our soups are cooked only with decoctions of vegetables and herbs with the addition of clarified butter or rapeseed oil.

»Products from which we create a children’s menu do not contain synthetic glucose-fructose syrup, which contributes to obesity and the development of diabetes in children.

»We use small amounts of sugar for sweetening, or only unrefined cane sugar in the ecomain;

»As far as technologically possible, we use unrefined, wholesome cereal products to prepare our dishes. The use of this type of product fully meets the needs of children for fiber, vitamins, macro- and microelements.

»We try to” smuggle “the less popular products such as spinach or Brussels sprouts to children in an acceptable way, serving for example spinach dumplings, pasta casserole with spinach;

»In our kitchen we only use good fats, mostly clarified butter, olive oil, rapeseed oil.

»We do not use any synthetic margarines for baking;

»We attach great importance to choosing products without artificial colors, improvers and preservatives;

»Whenever possible, we use regional and seasonal products (eg seasonal fruit and vegetables) to prepare meals;

»Meals prepared by us provide children with all the necessary nutrients and are tasty and accepted by children at the same time.

»We have created a program with culinary demonstrations for children.