Music is a Chinese puzzle,
that everyone solves in his own way
and always well, because it is without a solution.

Władysław Stanisław Reymont

In our kindergarten we do not want to discourage children by entering them right away in the traditional modes of artistic training. We want to show your children the opportunities offered by the combination of music and great teachers, which are likely to bring benefits experienced by Piotr Rubik. We want to give them the background that makes them love arts, and always perceive them as unique, interesting and joyful. We believe that it is always worth trying, because you never know what talents your children have. It will be a great loss if your child’s natural talents are not discovered and properly developed. Thanks to our kindergarten, it may turn out that your child has an outstanding talent, and in the future can become a famous composer, singer, or musician. Even if as an adult your child chooses a different career path, he or she will be always keen on beauty and various kinds of art.

Music is an inherent element of all our classes, activities and games. As part of the tuition fee we offer a number of classes based on original ideas, which help discover and develop pupils’ talents and interests:

Classes based on the original program by Piotr Rubik Little Orchestra and Little Comporsers. They implement elements of traditional playground rhythmic, methods of active listening to music by Batti Strauss and The Orff Approach. Pupils have the unique opportunities to play instruments from around the world. The primary goal of the classes is to develop a sense of rhythm, and musical sensitivity, and to show them how music can describe, and even create the world. 

Daily music classes are adapted to the age of the children, we realize accordingly: E.E. Gordon classes (so called “Gordonki”), fairy music lessons, musical and artistic projects and the choir.


Who wouldn’t like to live in the Kingdom of Music for a while to feel like beautiful Queen Gama or King Passage? Who wouldn’t like to use a musical time machine to travel to the world of little Mozart or Chopin? All children love fairy tales. When learning music becomes one of them, it arouses passion among all little children …. Through the personification of the seven musical notes your child will rapidly learn the letters of music. Your child will play simple songs and compose their own pieces of music. In Rubik Music School your little Mozart will meet many fairy-tale characters, e.g.  Song – a girl from the Forest of Music, a merry cluster of Notes, professors Violin and Bass, a century-old Granny Keyboard, a fairy called Pause from the Valley of Silence and many more. Together with Note Celinka, Baba Yaga and wizard Chord pupils will travel through the magical world of sounds, where the power of music is limitless.

Lidia Bajkowska’s Method is one of the most effective and fastest musical education systems in the European Union, because it stimulates the imagination of children, their enthusiasm for further learning, and the desire for individual development. This method has been successfully used by numerous teachers in music, primary and nursery schools across Europe. Since September 2014 Lidia Bajkowska’s Method will be included in the certification program, and Rubik Music School is one of the first certified schools in Poland. This guarantees that in our kindergarten Lidia Bajkowska’s Method  will be implemented  in the most effective and advantageous way. Most importantly, the author of this method- Lidia Bajkowska, PhD will be a guest teacher in Rubik Music School and will conduct her classes throughout the school year!

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