Preschool children who attend kindergartens are extremely prone to catch various diseases and infections. This is because their immune systems are not yet prepared to be exposed to more frequent contact with germs. We took some steps to deal with this problem.

Firstly, we limit the possibility of spreading diseases through:

– small learning groups

– spacious and airy classrooms

– mechanical ventilation providing continuous exchange of air with a capacity exceeding the requirements of the Health Department

– use of special Milton cleaning substances, which are safe for children, odorless, and not sensitizing

– denial of  access to kindergarten for children with a runny nose,  a cough, etc.

– promotion of  children’s hygiene and the habit of frequently washing hands

– regular ozonation of the kindergarten, washing carpets and exposing them to UV lamps

Secondly, we conduct a special program for strengthening pupils’ immune systems through:

– proper selection of quality food and drinks

– daily walks and tours in clothes appropriately matched to the weather

– daily games and sports in the classrooms and on the playground

– opportunities of participation in additional sports classes