We know that eating habits formed in childhood remain for the rest of our life. This is why we place particular emphasis on both the type and quality of food we serve, as well as the way of serving and eating it. Preschool children often have nutritional problems arising from high sugar and salt intake, as well as the lack of time to eat a healthy meal. Our kindergarten meal time is a special time. Children help in the preparations, lay the table, and can choose their favourite dishes. Children prepare for meals by washing their hands and sitting down together.

We do not force children to eat and try to teach the importance of eating a meal together as a family would, which obliges children to stay at the table until everyone has finished. Pupils dine in a separate dining room where children are not distracted by toys and decorations. Children eat on their own, learn to use cutlery, and get to know the basic rules of good manners. In such an atmosphere, without stress and hurry, even the reluctant eaters are keen on meals.