English language classes offered by Rubik Music School are full of creative activities that make our pupils decode English.

Our Polish and English teachers work together in our kindergartens. Children are surrounded by two languages throughout the day, not only during classes or workshops.

The method of decoding the language
Each language has its own unique language code. This is a kind of mathematical equation that needs to be solved in order to be fluent in a particular language.

The method of decoding the language completes the normal development of speech and helps our pupils to properly acquire and then use English.
And all this is presented in an attractive form of fun accompanied by lots of songs and games. Therefore, it is not just a mere familiarity with a foreign language, or picking up a few words or songs in English, but o ur classes form a solid foundations for the future usage of English.

Global reading method in English (using the RUN method – Repeat Understood Name)
An important element of the method of decoding the language is to early start  learning to read in English. Language is then formed in a mind of child from the read to the spoken word – the word initially read by a child is an inspiration for independent utterances used in communication. Global reading method is an imitation of the stages of acquiring speech: repeating (repeat), understanding (understood) and naming (name), which are components of independent reading.

Thanks to early learning to read in English our pupil will:
– avoid errors in spelling words in English
– learn reading comprehension
– develop dlanguage, and thus broaden  his/her intellectual potential
– feel success an belief in his/her own abilities
– be very well prepared for school

As a part of the tuition fee we also conduct workshops entirely taught in English:

  • What a wonderful World – an extraordinary journey around the world, a meeting with the world of nature, and animals characteristic for different climate zones. During classes pupils learn about the arts and various cultures, even from the most remote corners of the world. The program is implemented in the form of workshops and laboratory classes when children do experiments. Classes are conducted only in English.
  • Cooking the Music – cooking workshops for anyone who wants to try the taste of music. During classes pupils cook various dishes using a vast range of ingredients and spices from all over the world. They create new original recipes inspired by diverse music. Workshops are based on the original program and are accompanied by interesting music. Children learn about exotic and traditional flavors, and at the end of each class can assess the results of their work, as well as treat their parents. Classes are conducted only in English.