“Music awakens the desire for good deeds in the heart.”


Rubik Music School is an extraordinary place where your children will learn to love music and discover various talents. In our warm atmosphere of joy and fun, your children will be prepared for primary school, as well as master their English. We use truly original methods, which let our pupils immerse themselves in music and foreign languages. Our preschool syllabus has been created to arouse curiosity in children, and show them the beauty of diversity, which is reflected in the arts.

The fact that we use the universal language of music, and all classes are conducted in English, makes all our pupils feel comfortable. Children feel well in the classroom, even when they come from different countries, or do not know the Polish language.

Only in our kindergarten do parents and children have a unique opportunity to participate in special concerts and music workshops organized by Piotr Rubik.

Our kindergartens are located in Warsaw. For more information about individual facilities, please click: RMS Mokotów or RMS Ochota.